The WOMMMAD team carries the organization’s mission throughout their home, work, and everyday lives. Our team members have acquired real-life and educational experiences in helping those in need. Our diverse backgrounds provide WOMMMAD the opportunity to bring positive change to local and international communities.


Beverley Griffiths

Under the guidance of Beverley Griffiths, Wommmad was created in 2017. Inspired in honor of her late mother, Ms. Doris May Henry, who as single mother of five children, understood the daily challenges and hardships so many women face raising families in underprivileged communities. 

Born in Jamaica and currently residing in S. Florida, Ms. Griffiths has dedicated her mission and that of Wommmad to support children and families in similar situations in the cultivation of greater educational opportunities and advancement. 

As a psychiatric nurse practitioner over the past 16 years, Ms. Griffiths plans to bring together her experience and mission to open the minds of those she come into contact with. 


Desiree Griffiths

As the organization’s Director, Desiree Griffiths spearheads Wommmad’s company mission trips to Jamaica. Born and raised in S. Florida, Desiree is an experienced neonatal intensive care nurse and specializes in the care of neonatal infants.

Dedicated to Wommmad’s mission, Desiree is also recognized by her peers and community as an active leader and contributor.